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Hey There!

At Myriad Real Estate Solutions Inc., we understand that each project is unique and deserves our utmost attention and creativity. With years of experience in the industry, we have honed our skills to assist developers, builders, investors, agents, and brokers in achieving their real estate goals.

All About Us! 

We think contractors can succeed if given the tools to do so. We know they’re underserved and overworked. We also know that they need a solution that works for them, not against them—a solution that will help them grow their business and provide quality services to their customers.

Our mission statement is simple: we want to help people live their best lives by providing high-quality custom spaces at reasonable prices. That’s why we’ve expanded our work beyond Open House Atlanta, where we were founded, into private personal spaces (PPSs) contractor works (CW), and UBuild WE Manage (UBWM). 


That’s why we’ve created Contractor Works: an app-based software system with administrative support specifically for subcontracting construction trades. We’ve built Contractor Works with the needs of contractors in mind. Our team then turned its focus on the foundation blocks of construction. We believe if the subcontractor is supported, they can build better homes. 

Our next focus was on the self-builders - Our team worked hard to focus on the needs of the self-builder, those who are building their dream homes, or those who are building or self-managing their projects. We have created a system that will walk side by side with our clients assisting them as they build. Helping them to manage contractors, track their budgets, manage their selections, and stay on schedule. 


Finally,  we’ve created an expansive new division called Private Personal Spaces that focuses on custom spaces 800 square feet and under. Our PPS division is all about providing affordable solutions for homeowners who want to create unique spaces in their homes that can serve as offices, living spaces—or anything else! We’ve introduced our enterprise products this summer, which allows us to provide pop-up business solutions for clients who are looking for temporary storage or office space when they need it most.


Our next big milestone will be when we introduce total steel-wrapped transportable units up to 320 square feet that are delivered on a metal base.

We will continue to focus on the needs of our clients, whether they are homeowners, real estate investors, contractors or vendors. 








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